marc-aboutusMy name is Marc. And my mission is to save the Internet.

I know. It sounds like a pretty big undertaking. Perhaps a bit misguided. Or maybe even maniacally delusional that I would even attempt to single-handedly take on correcting the course of the Internet as it rapidly heads for a catastrophic collision with bad taste and vulgar commercialism.

But that’s only because you don’t know me. Yet.

Since 1998, I have been actively involved in the world of digital marketing as a speaker, author and consultant. And I have the fancy schmancy statistics to prove it:

  • I am responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in products and services sold online by my clients
  • I have helped tens of thousands of people around the world live their dream on the Internet
  • I have earned billions of page views for myself, my company and my clients.
  • In other words, I don’t just talk about it. I do it.

I speak and write about how to succeed online by being human. By building relationships. By being vulnerable. By being honest. By telling stories.

And I have a trail of success behind me that goes back over 15 years as a digital marketer and 41 years as a human being.

Let me be clear. I am not another search engine optimization guy. Or some “guru” claiming to have the secret formula to social media domination. I won’t teach you how to get rich overnight. Or make promises that are too good to be true.

My approach to the Internet is different. It’s not the same old fluff you are used to hearing. So, if you are looking for a better mousetrap, you just found it.

As a Speaker…

My stage experience began 20 years ago as a professional musician performing on Broadway with the show RENT. In a strange twist of events, it was this experience that introduced me to the world of digital marketing and life as I once knew it changed forever.

I have since traveled internationally as a dynamic speaker, sharing the stage with the likes of Chris Brogan, Gary Vaynerchuk, Scott Stratten, Jairek Robbins and some of the brightest minds on the Internet and around the world. My ideas have been spread on CNN, ABC, MSN and dozens of radio shows and podcasts.

Whether the topic is Search Engine Humanization or my viral approach to social media penned as “Being a Dick” (it’s not quite what you think), my keynotes and workshops are centered around big complex ideas shared in a simple and engaging way so anyone can take immediate action without needing a PhD in computer science.

As a Writer…

I spent most of my high school career on the lower end of the bell curve in my high school English class. But that didn’t stop me from publishing two books, dozens of articles and a very successful blog that has received over two million visitors since its inception in 2011.

My writing has been featured in such online and offline publications as The Huffington Post, Forbes, Jezebel, PR Daily, The New York Post, MSN, ProBlogger and many others. My downloadable e-book, an introduction to Search Engine Humanization has been downloaded over 5,000 times since its release in March of 2013. And my content has been read, shared and commented on by some of the worlds most successful bloggers such as Julien Smith, Mitch Joel, David Meerman Scott, Chris Brogan, Scott Stratten, Jairek Robbins and others.

As a Consultant…

I’m a doer. It’s what sets me apart from most speakers and authors. It’s one thing to talk about it. Or write about it. It’s another thing to actually do it.

And I have been “doing it” for thousands of companies around the world with my company re:think.

Over the past 13 years since I founded re:think, we have worked with some amazing clients from local mom and pop businesses to Fortune 500 companies like Nike and American Express. Clients that were featured on Oprah, The Today Show, Ellen, Fox, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC and CNN.

And This is How I End My Bio…

Hopefully you made it this far. And hopefully you can see how committed I am to the growth of my community. The Internet.

And hopefully you can help spread the message. I have a new book coming out soon called “Be a Dick.” that is going to change the world. At least a little bit. And I would love for you to be involved in it. If you would like to know more, please visit

For more information on how, or to hire me as a speaker, author or consultant, please contact me!