It seems a little ironic to be writing a page about writing. Yet, here we are.

I wish I could say that I was born with some gift for writing. That as a fetus I would script poetry. Or while all of my friends were playing Donkey Kong I was hard at work on my second novel. The truth is that I passed high school English as a favor. I was the kid that bought the Cliff Notes to Catcher in the Rye so I wouldn’t have to read the book. And then I didn’t read the Cliff Notes. It was bad.

Apparently then a few years ago I decided that I wanted to start a blog and empty some of the thoughts stuck in my head. So I started writing. Everyday. It wasn’t long before I found my voice and began to grow into it. Now, here I am and I love to write. Love it. And I think I’m pretty good at it.

The funny thing is that my English teacher wasn’t half wrong. I start a lot of sentences with and or but. I have no clue how to use apostrophes. And I haven’t spelled the word definitely right in my last 28 attempts. (Thank you spellcheck!)

But this is my voice. And it works for me. Apparently it works for a lot of other people too. I hope you are one of them! The best way to find out is to start with some of my best blog posts. They can be found on the “Best Of…” page.

I hope you enjoy them!