Periscope Tips for Stupid, Ugly and Boring People


Unless you have spent the last few weeks living amongst the chimpanzees, I’m sure you’ve probably heard about the latest Internet plaything. It's called Periscope. And it's kind of like if YouTube and Snapchat had a baby while Twitter watched the conception and commented on it in real time. Sort of. Anyway. It’s an app for your phone that allows you to shoot video. However, there’s one … [Read more...]

How Does Your Community See You?


I’m arrogant. Slow to make decisions. Unique. Unreliable. Generous. Not able to take “no” for an answer. Funny. Overly critical. Inconsistent. And limited. I’m also a perfectionist. A one trick pony. Too apologetic. Candid. Fickle. Highly motivated. Difficult to approach. Superficial. Passionate. Sarcastic. Engaging. And my headshot makes me look like I have a hunchback. Allow Me to … [Read more...]

This Post Will Change Your Life (Probably For the Better)


What if it was all your fault? Everything. Every missed deadline. Every difficult client. Every argument. Every stalled project. Every wasted meeting. And every failed goal. All of it. No exceptions. It wasn't the traffic. Your employees. The money. Their attitude. Your car. The economy. Their commitment. Or your spouse. It was all you. That was the challenge bestowed upon me a few … [Read more...]

Are You One of Those People?


It was day one of a four month course I was taking on leadership. I was sitting in the front row on a metal chair that I'm pretty sure moonlights as a torture device when class was not in session. On my right was a friend who I had somehow guilted into joining me. And on my left was someone I had not met yet. At least not outside of my awkward and overly enthusiastic response of “YOU ARE!” when … [Read more...]

Death by To-Do List


I do a lot. Mostly stuff. A bunch of things. And of course an occasional "why the heck am I doing that." And to keep track of all of my stuff, things and "why the heck am I doing that's" I have a list. A to-do list. But not just any old to-do list. I use an app on all of my devices to make sure that my time sucking little friends follow me wherever I go. I tackle each and every one of the … [Read more...]

Do the Impossible


I believe that we all have a purpose. Something bigger than ourselves. Something to point our life towards. Something that actually matters. It usually comes in the form of a nagging feeling that you were meant for more than this. Whatever this is for you. Maybe your job leaves you unfulfilled. Or you've fallen out of love with the way you spend your day. Or maybe you just woke up one morning … [Read more...]

So, Now What?


Perhaps you don't realize it. Or maybe you just aren't always aware of it. But we all have a constant onslaught of questions swimming around in our heads. These questions determine how we define what we are going through. They are the lens through which we see life. And ultimately how (or if) we take action. The problem is that the majority of these questions go something like … [Read more...]

An Incomplete List of Things that Piss Me Off (The E-mail Edition)


If I was forced to point towards the one thing that I felt would someday usher in the demise of our existence as a species, it would not be terrorism. Or the result of an international nuclear pissing match. It would have nothing to do with religion. And I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t involve aliens (although an alien invasion would be pretty freaking cool). It would be e-mail. That's right. … [Read more...]

The Tale of Inspiration, Perspiration, Preparation and Celebration


It was Thomas Edison that was once quoted as saying "Genius is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration.” While I’m pretty sure that was just his passive aggressive way of telling his wife to crank up the a/c (don’t quote me on that), I do believe there is a lesson in there somewhere. But first, I believe that his little equation needs a couple of tweaks to make it look a little more … [Read more...]

Are You a Hero or Just One of the Regular People?


I saw a trailer for the movie “Wish I Was Here” the other day. It’s the one with Zach Braff. The guy from Scrubs. Which, not to get off topic so soon, is a little like calling Neil Patrick Harris the guy from Doogie Houser. Anyway. There was a line towards the end of the trailer that broke me down to tears. Literally. And we're not talking the funny ones either. Or even the feel good ones. … [Read more...]