How Not to Get On Broadway

I was reading a post by blogger Chris Brogan yesterday entitled "Earning Attention" which in short was about earning a place of importance within your industry as opposed to having expectations of someone else take you there. I'm not going to do it justice by attempting to recreate his post in a sentence or two so how about we just make it mandatory to head over there and check it out...just … [Read more...]

Is Perfection Attainable?

Growing up we've all heard the expression "practice makes perfect" every time we inevitably screwed something up. It didn't matter if it was baseball, music, math or reading...whatever subject, sport or activity you happened to suck at during that stage of your life, it was our parents obligation as life-givers to pat us on the head and enthusiastically mutter "practice makes perfect!" But is … [Read more...]

Think Outside the Box and Inside the Can

The Internet is mostly about solving problems. Solving problems and playing Farmville. If you have a problem, all you need to do is search Google and within a nano-second you are introduced to over a bazillion (that's a real number by the way) different solutions to choose from. Unfortunately, you now have a new problem...all of the solutions look the same. This is what playing it safe looks … [Read more...]

9 Steps to Google Greatness: Step 9 – Google Analytics

WE MADE IT! This is the last post in my 10 post series called 9 Steps to Google Greatness! If you followed along each day and did your homework you should know that you are lightyears ahead of 90% of all websites on the Internet. With great work comes great reward...this final lesson is to prove that. You have no way of really knowing if what you have done up until this point (and beyond today) … [Read more...]

9 Steps to Google Greatness: Step 8 – Google Webmaster Tools

The cool thing about Google is that they actually want to help you increase your websites ranking...assuming that you are willing to do it right. It's when people try tricking the system that they get a little pissy. Google Webmaster Tools is a perfect example of this. If you don't know what it is, Google Webmaster Tools is a free service offered by Google that gives you some very valuable … [Read more...]

9 Steps to Google Greatness: Step 7 – Sitemaps, Robot Files and 301’s

I have good news and bad news. The good news is that you aren't really going to have too much homework to go along with todays step. The bad news is that you may very well be too confused to even realize that you aren't really going to have too much homework to go along with today's step. All kidding aside, although the stuff we are going to talk about isn't that technical in the grand scheme of … [Read more...]

9 Steps to Google Greatness: Step 6 – Social Media

What started out as a way to spy on your ex-girlfriend from high school or see what your friends are having for dinner has now become a big piece of the search engine optimization puzzle. Chances are at this stage you are already involved in one or more social networking sites, so it's not so much a matter of what you are doing as it is whether you are doing it right and what effect it has on your … [Read more...]

9 Steps to Google Greatness: Step 5 – Link Building

When we first started out on this "journey" of getting to the first page of Google a week or so ago, we talked about one of the key factors in your ranking being your websites authority. In other words, on a scale of 0-10 (with 0 being a brand new website with no history and 10 being Facebook) how important does Google think your website is? Of course there are several factors that Google takes … [Read more...]

9 Steps to Google Greatness: Step 4 – Blogging

I'm writing a blog post about writing a blog post. Creepy. There must be something within the space-time continuum that doesn't allow this sort of thing to go on, right? If you never hear from me again, you now know why. Today we're going to build off of step 3 where we talked about the importance of good quality content for your website. Nothing makes for a better opportunity to create good … [Read more...]

9 Steps to Google Greatness: Step 3 – Content is King

I know "content is king" is a bit cliché, but the picture I found for this post was too good to pass up, so there you have it! Cliché or not, there is nothing more true than "content is king" when it comes to how well (or not) your site ranks. Remember the other day when we were talking about keyword research and how one of the two key factors that affect your ranking is relevance? Well, what … [Read more...]