Put on Your Aquaman Boxer Shorts and Start Burning Bridges

As some of you may already know, I started out my professional life as a musician. My big moment in the spotlight was playing bass in the Tony Award Winning Broadway Show Rent. It was pretty awesome. What you may not know about is all of the other crap that I had to endure leading up to my big "break." That stuff was not quite so awesome. I taught private lessons (also known as babysitting). I … [Read more...]

I’m Scared Shitless, What About You?

It's show and tell time! For the past two months I have been jumping out of my boots. Excited to show off the painted rock that I found in my backyard. I think it's something pretty awesome. Like a dinosaur fossil. I've been counting the days until I get to share it with you. Planning and scheming. Carefully crafting every word I would say as I stand there showing off this new found treasure that … [Read more...]

Your Turn…What Do I Suck At?

Looking back at a lot of my previous posts I think we can all agree that I haven't been terribly shy in pointing out many of the things that we as humans have been screwing up for years. I suppose it's a gift. Well, today the tables have turned. You see, my friend Hal Elrod has a book coming out next week called "The Miracle Morning." And because Hal thinks I'm all that and a bag of chips, he let … [Read more...]

One Word that Could Change Your Life

I usually have an answer for just about everything. But not today. Today I was stumped. Someone I know asked me who I was. Not who I was, but who I was. Know what I mean? I didn't quite know how to answer without taking up the next 3 days to tell my story in excruciating detail. All of the experiences that have come together to shape my life. The beliefs that have influenced my decisions. The … [Read more...]

How to Create Your Own Good Luck

When I was about 7 or 8 years old, I broke a handheld mirror. There was nothing special about it. It was just a crummy old mirror. And it was just an accident. But that didn't matter. Nowhere in the rule book does it exempt accidents. And so, just as the superstition goes, the next 7 years of my life were to be riddled with bad luck. That was the rule. And as a kid I believed it. I remember … [Read more...]

I Want It All and I Want It Right Now!

I want to be huge. An authority. I want 100,000 or more readers subscribing to my blog. A book on the New York Times Bestseller list. A sold out audience. I want to be able to tweet what I had for lunch and have thousands of people retweet it or ask me how it was. I want to make a difference. I want to help change your life. And in doing so, I want you to help change mine. I want to leave my … [Read more...]

Why Are You So F#%king Mean?!?

Maybe it's because I said something you didn't want to hear. Or wrote something you didn't want to read. Maybe it's because my beliefs are different than yours. Or I have opposing values. Maybe it's as simple as how I look. Or the way I talk. Or maybe it's not me. Maybe you misinterpreted what I said. Or read it differently than what I meant. Maybe you were having a bad day. Or that's just how … [Read more...]

You Have to A-S-K if You Want to G-E-T

I think the Rolling Stones got it wrong. You can always get what you want. There's no reason why you can't. None that I can think of anyway. All you really have to do is ask. I know that sounds simple. It is. Kind of. Whatever it is that you want. A new career. A relationship. Some new toy. Money. It doesn't really matter what. There is someone out there that already has it. And if there is … [Read more...]

Quit Doing Your Best

Stop telling people that you are doing your best. You're not. And deep down inside you know that you're not. In fact, we all know it. Even the people that don't know you can smell it from the other room. You are merely pretending as though you are doing your best in order to feel better about yourself once you decide to give up. Doing your best is an excuse. An excuse that allows you to succeed … [Read more...]