Don’t Tell Me, Let Me Guess…


...this isn't the post you were looking for, right? Sorry. I took it down. You are probably thinking that it is because of some ugly letter I got from an attorney. It's not. At least not yet anyway. That may change. The reason I took it down was because the point of my post had been missed and was replaced with a "grab your pitchfork and Read More

From Now On I’m Going to Be A Dick to Everyone I Meet Online


My family and I moved recently. And much like any big change, this one came with its share of "stuff." Some good stuff. Some bad stuff. A bunch of easy stuff. And a bunch of hard stuff. And of course, plenty of bubble wrap, broken dishes and eating pizza on the floor. The move itself was easy. The tough part came when the proverbial dust settled Read More

How to Not Suck at Apologizing


Let’s face it. We as humans suck at apologizing. That is, when we actually do apologize, which probably isn’t as often as it should be. There is a stigma attached to it. It means that you are wrong. And you are NEVER wrong…right? Because if you are wrong it means that you are not perfect. And if you are not perfect it means that you have Read More