This is Why Search Engine Optimization is Dead

Welcome! My name is Marc and I am a search engine optimization speaker, author and consultant. As a search engine optimization speaker author and consultant, I speak, write and consult on the topic of search engine optimization. For those that do not know what search engine optimization is, search engine optimization is the act of optimizing your website for search engines in order to increase … [Read more...]

An “Introduction” to My New SEO Book

Todays post is a bit of a cop-out, I get that. I've been so busy putting the finishing touches on my new book coming out on January 1st (nothing like waiting until the last minute) that the thought of writing a blog post this week on top of that made me feel sick. So, I though this might be a good opportunity to share the intro with you and see what you thought so far. And if you want the rest, … [Read more...]

How Can You Tell if Your SEO Company is Lying to You?

Simple. They are breathing. WAIT!!! Before you join the angry mob that is now starting to form outside of my house, please put the torch down and hear me out because believe it or not, I am on your side. The problem isn't that we as professional SEO-ers don't tell the truth. The problem is that we often can't. You see, when it comes to search engine optimization, the truth is scary. We really … [Read more...]

A Search Engine Optimization Strategy for Photographers that Actually Works!

I can’t sit back and keep quiet on this any longer. When looking at a lot of professional photography websites out there, it appears to me that you guys as an industry have no clue how to optimize your website in order to rank on the first page of Google. At least that was my initial impression. After doing a little more digging, I have to admit that I was wrong. It’s not your fault after all. … [Read more...]

Is Fiverr Ruining SEO for the Rest of Us?

I'll be the first to admit that there are a lot of things wrong with the SEO industry. It's an unregulated industry with no tangible product or clear solution to a problem that is judged by the companies (Google, Yahoo!, Bing) that make and regularly change the rules without telling anyone what they are. Now, before you work yourself up into a small tizzy, I should clarify my position here. If you … [Read more...]

Bulletproof Strategy to Benefit from the Google Penguin Update

I'm sure by now you've heard all of the hoopla over Google's recent Penguin Update. The forums are buzzing with SEO-ers up in arms over the carnage. Matt Cutts has been whisked away to an undisclosed location (not really) while Internet Marketers by the gigabyte are showing up at his front door with torches in hand looking for an explanation. At least that's what you might think if you were to … [Read more...]

Are You Playing Checkers or Chess?

Want to know one big difference between a game of checkers and a game of chess? It's the number five. That's the average number of moves ahead that a Class A or better chess player will generally be thinking throughout the course of a game. While checkers is primarily played in the moment, chess requires a complex strategy that is often won by thinking ahead. Here's another. In checkers, each … [Read more...]

Google Shakeup: Coming to a Website Near You

Rumors have been flying the past couple of weeks. In fact, my friend's cousins dog trainers nephew lives next door to some guy named Bob (I think he's a landscaper) whose ex-girlfriend was recently stopped at a red light and saw someone walk by that looked kind of like Google's Matt Cutts, but with black hair and a nose ring. Well, she overheard him say that Google was going to start punishing … [Read more...]

The Missing Ingredient in Your SEO Campaign

There are a lot of different ingredients that need to go into a good SEO campaign in order for it to be successful. A splash of link building, a pinch of social media, a heaping tablespoon of valuable content and a "smattering" of other good stuff we talked about in my 10 post series on getting to the first page of Google. There is however one ingredient that is almost always left out. Patience. … [Read more...]

9 Steps to Google Greatness: Step 9 – Google Analytics

WE MADE IT! This is the last post in my 10 post series called 9 Steps to Google Greatness! If you followed along each day and did your homework you should know that you are lightyears ahead of 90% of all websites on the Internet. With great work comes great reward...this final lesson is to prove that. You have no way of really knowing if what you have done up until this point (and beyond today) … [Read more...]