15 People Ruining Social Media


I like social media. I really do. I use it everyday. I even have a Google+ t-shirt. But I'm tired of reading blog post after blog post about how to "win the game" of social media from your friendly neighborhood guru. It's not a game. And there is no way to win at it. But lucky for us, there are plenty of ways to lose. Here are a few of the Read More

How to Join the New Internet Famous in 3 Simple Steps


I don’t know about you, but this whole writing and connecting online thing is getting exhausting. You spend hours torturing yourself in an effort to extract some deep dark thought from within your brain only to have it met with the digital equivalent of an underwhelming round of applause. And for what? The hopes of being chosen. Of being Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Blogging Your Ass Off


Warning: The post you are about to enjoy contains language that some might find offensive. If you prefer not to be subjected to such language, you are welcome to read the clean version of this post instead. You have a blog. Congratulations! We are all very excited that you have chosen to join the rest of the human population. With the exception Read More

From Now On I’m Going to Be A Dick to Everyone I Meet Online


My family and I moved recently. And much like any big change, this one came with its share of "stuff." Some good stuff. Some bad stuff. A bunch of easy stuff. And a bunch of hard stuff. And of course, plenty of bubble wrap, broken dishes and eating pizza on the floor. The move itself was easy. The tough part came when the proverbial dust settled Read More

10 Reasons Why I Don’t Want to Be Your Friend Anymore


It's been a good run! We've been through a lot together, you and me. Like the time when you mentioned that you were having spaghetti for dinner, remember that? "Yumm-o!" That was classic! Or how about the time you tagged me in that post about your blog in order to get me to go to your website. Nobody loves a good "gotcha" moment more than me! You Read More

3 Dead Simple Ways to Get a Bazillion Likes on Facebook While Still in Your Pajamas (and Make Millions Doing It)


You may not have heard, but there is this new website out there called Facebook. Apparently there are something like a billion people hanging around on this thing just foaming at the mouth to buy stuff from you. In fact, they will even tell their friends to buy stuff from you as well! And the best part? You don't have to really do anything! Read More

How to Not Suck at Apologizing


Let’s face it. We as humans suck at apologizing. That is, when we actually do apologize, which probably isn’t as often as it should be. There is a stigma attached to it. It means that you are wrong. And you are NEVER wrong…right? Because if you are wrong it means that you are not perfect. And if you are not perfect it means that you have Read More

How to Sell Your Crappy Product Online


It seems that every other post on Twitter and Facebook is a sales pitch from someone trying to sell a crappy product that teaches you how to sell a crappy product about how to sell a crappy product. Now, if you are anything like me, you wish there were more of these. After all, it's what this world needs, right? More crappy products. Well, wish Read More

The Secret to Being Immortal


You're going to die. Not now. But eventually. You'll be remembered by your children. Your grandchildren. And if you're lucky, maybe even your great-grandchildren. Beyond that generation, you will end up like most of us wandering the Earth. Completely forgotten. As if you were never even here. All of that effort you put in at school. The years Read More