It’s a Blog with Sleeves!

We all know that Snuggies are pretty awesome but that’s not really what this post is about. It’s about seeing things a little different than everyone else. While the rest of us saw a blanket, Snuggles McSnuggleworth saw an opportunity. Yeah, in case you haven’t figured it out, I have no idea who invented this thing and really couldn’t justify spending more than about 3 seconds researching it so that’s what I came up with. Sorry to disappoint any of you pop-culture historians out there!

When giving your blog an honest look, do you just see a bunch of words on a virtual page or do you see something different? A bigger picture? If you are like most bloggers you are flailing around trying to find your place in this blogosphere. Well, I’m here to tell you that the answer lies within the Snuggie.

Add a Twist to Something Simple

It doesn’t get much more simple than a blanket. It’s a flat piece of cloth that keeps you warm. Yet, with one minor adjustment, Snuggles McSnuggleworth saw something much more than a blanket.

So, what is your message and what kind of twist can you give it to make it extraordinary? Let’s face it, whatever you write about, it’s fairly safe to say that you are likely one of thousands covering that subject. What is your twist? Is it your writing style? Your methodology? Your humor? Your interpretation of the subject? You just need something small that you can do a little differently than everyone else and run with it.

Make Your Blog Accessble

If you have ever been laying down under a blanket trying to read a book, you know the troubles that come with having to turn the page. Sure, sleeves on a blanket make you look like a complete tool, but it’s totally OK because they do so much more. They make the world accessible to you. Thirsty? Drink up. Change the channel? Already done. Thumb wars? Bring it. All thanks to your sleeves.

How accessible is your blog? Make sure to give readers plenty of options to share your blog using the social media widget of your choice. Make sure all of the standards are covered…Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon and Pinterest. You should allow comments on your blog posts in order to give your readers a way to react to your posts. Do yourself a favor and turn off moderation so your readers can see their comments right away. If you are afraid of spam, use a comment system like Disqus that does a great job of weeding out the spam. If you are afraid of negative comments, embrace them. Not everyone is going to love you, get over it.

Create a Short Phrase that Can Explain Your Blog

How long does it take you to tell people what your blog is about? If it takes longer than “a blanket with sleeves” it’s probably too long. You need to have a quick one liner that gets someone interested enough to want to check it out. Try relating it to something that your visitors can quickly envision. When someone asks me, I generally tell them that it’s an Internet Marketing blog without the Geek Speak because I keep all the technical hoo-ha to a minimum while still adding tons of value in a reader friendly way.

Make Sure Your Message is Versatile

When Snuggie first started out, they just made them in 2 or 3 different colors, but by the time it had taken off they added dozens of colors and patterns including camouflage. They even have Snuggies for dogs (Aimee, if you are reading this we are not getting one, sorry). When writing your blog, have you considered everyone that might fall under the umbrella of your audience or are you merely focusing on one or two personas? You aren’t going to be able to please all of the people all of the time but you do want to welcome as many people as you can.

Build a Strong Brand

Let’s face it. Cutting two holes in a piece of cloth and adding sleeves is not rocket science. Anyone can pretty much recreate this thing…and they have. There is the Slanket, Cudlee, Snuggler, Doojo, Toasty Wrap, Dreamie and many others. Combined they all sold a fraction of the Snuggie. Why? Because of the brand. The only thing more lame than wearing a Snuggie is wearing an imitation Snuggie. Can your brand withstand all of the other noise going on out there? Do you have a logo? Good pictures of yourself? A professional looking website? Don’t just be a blogger, create a brand for yourself.

Make Millions of Dollars

When the dust settled, McSnuggleworth had sold well over $100 million dollars worth of these things. Not bad! Do you have an idea on how you can monetize your blog? You likely won’t be able to for quite a while but eventually once you build up a significant audience you can start to advertise (be careful), become a consultant or speaker, write a book, sell products, teach or any number of things you can dream up of relative to your subject matter. If you built a strong enough brand and did a good job positioning yourself as an authority, the sky is the limit!

Time to Strap on That Snuggie

Would Snuggles McSnuggleworth be impressed if he looked at your blog? The cool thing about a blog is that it is a living, breathing thing. It has an ebb and flow. You can change the tone from day to day. Redesign it at any time. Experiment with different images, text, widgets, plugins, etc. Don’t just focus on your writing, keep looking for that little twist.

I would like to do something a little different with the comments today if you don’t mind. Only people that own a Snuggie are allowed to leave a comment below (don’t worry, I’ll know). I’m sorry to the rest of you…you are probably under a boring old blanket without sleeves and can’t type anyway.

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  • Laura Amerman

    “Time to Strap on That Snuggie” wins for best subtitle EVAH!

    • Marc Ensign

      Shout-out to Laura for coming up with a better title for this post via Twitter. I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t change it. 

      • Laura Amerman

         I am now patiently awaiting my Snuggie.  Leopard print, please…you are running a contest, right?

        • Marc Ensign

          Sorry…I got you the camouflage one instead. This probably works out better anyway. If someone ever breaks into your house while you are reading or watching TV you will be ready to either hide or take them out!