Stop Writing that Craptastic Content Nobody is Reading and Try This…

I hate to be the one to tell you this, but the content on your site is boring. I mean really boring. Just thinking about it puts me right back into my sleepy place. And like most visitors, I try to be polite about this sort of thing by giving you the ole "it's not you, it's me" routine as I leave your website. Secretely wishing I could have the last two minutes of my life back. But this is not … [Read more...]

9 Steps to Google Greatness: Step 4 – Blogging

I'm writing a blog post about writing a blog post. Creepy. There must be something within the space-time continuum that doesn't allow this sort of thing to go on, right? If you never hear from me again, you now know why. Today we're going to build off of step 3 where we talked about the importance of good quality content for your website. Nothing makes for a better opportunity to create good … [Read more...]

9 Steps to Google Greatness: Step 3 – Content is King

I know "content is king" is a bit cliché, but the picture I found for this post was too good to pass up, so there you have it! Cliché or not, there is nothing more true than "content is king" when it comes to how well (or not) your site ranks. Remember the other day when we were talking about keyword research and how one of the two key factors that affect your ranking is relevance? Well, what … [Read more...]