The Missing Ingredient in Your SEO Campaign

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There are a lot of different ingredients that need to go into a good SEO campaign in order for it to be successful. A splash of link building, a pinch of social media, a heaping tablespoon of valuable content and a “smattering” of other good stuff we talked about in my 10 post series on getting to the first page of Google.

There is however one ingredient that is almost always left out. Patience. Effective SEO takes time and effort. There’s no substitute for either. How much time does it take? It’s hard to say. You may start to see a few little bumps here and there within a few weeks. It won’t be enough to cause your phone to ring of the hook, but it will tell you that you are on the right path.

Just don’t get frustrated and don’t give up! Push through it. SEO works like compounding interest. As you keep going you continue to build up more and more authority making it easier for your site to rank moving forward. Think of it this way…

A good SEO campaign is a lot like pushing a broken merry-go-round. At first it’s really tough to get it to move. You have to dig down deep and give it everything you have and eventually it will start to move very slowly. If you get tired and stop pushing, it will almost immediately stop turning. BUT, if you can get past the exhaustion and keep pushing, the merry-go-round will start to gain momentum and pick up speed. With enough effort you get to the point where it is moving fast enough that you can stand back and watch as it whips around over and over again, just giving it a little extra push every now and then to keep it going.

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  • Okto

    Thanks Marc. It just about the time I found your article here. Just need more patience and wait for the momentum to come.