In my 10 years as a professional speaker, I have shared the stage with the likes of Chris Brogan, Gary Vaynerchuk, Mark Cuban, Scott Stratten, Jairek Robbins, Bert Jacobs (CEO of Life is Good), John Schnatter (CEO of Papa John’s) and others.

But it wasn’t always like that.

I actually stumbled upon speaking by accident. As a lifetime student, I tend to seek out workshops and seminars in the area always looking to learn more. Some time around 2003, I attended a workshop on search engine optimization that was being run by someone from Network Solutions for the local chamber of commerce. Twenty minutes into the workshop the speaker still hadn’t shown up, so they were about to cancel it when I stood up and offered to teach the class myself. It went well and I left there with what I could only explain as a new purpose. To get in front of people and teach them all of the nifty things that I know. The rest, as they say, is history.

What Happened Next

I have since had the pleasure of speaking for large corporations, small businesses, non-profit organizations, national conferences and just about anyone that would listen to what I have to say.

My style is a healthy mix of advanced knowledge of Digital Marketing mixed with a healthy dose of personal and business development. All delivered in an easy to consume friendly environment.

Coming from a music background where I was regularly on stage in front of as many as 10,000 people at a time, I am very comfortable on stage and have a gift for being able to take something technical and complex and break it down in a way that everyone in the audience can understand and take immediate action on.

What Kind of Stuff Do I Talk About?

The focus of my message is on connecting the dots and humanizing the web. And the vehicle in which I use is the latest in digital marketing, search engine optimization, social media and communication trends. But I’m not just another search engine optimization or social media guy.

Some of the Keynote topics that I speak on include:

How to Be a Dick to Everyone You Meet Online: A different look at social media that began after moving 1,200 miles away and meeting my new neighbor Dick. What if you approached social media as someone who is valuable, humble, generous, welcoming, authentic, perceptive and 6 other values inherent in this one human being? The post that started it all has since gone viral and became the fuel for an award winning talk and upcoming book.

Search Engine Humanization: If you are looking for traditional tips on SEO, you are not going to want to hire me for this one because this talk is much different from the latest flavor-of-the-month link building technique that will have stopped working by the time you finish reading this sentence. This is a new way to look at an old problem. A problem you know intimately well as “no one is visiting my website.” The same problem that has cost you and your business more time and money than you care to admit to and has left you frustrated and in some cases void of all faith in humankind. But it is a problem that can be solved. And you will be surprised at how easy it is.
I also do workshops, weekend training and coaching for people and organizations on the following topics:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media
  • Google+
  • Twitter
  • Blogging
  • Website Development
  • Internet Marketing
  • Information Product Development

If you are interested in hiring me for an upcoming engagement, whether it is a keynote, workshop, corporate or convention, please contact me to more specifically discuss scheduling, fees and subject matter.