What the Jersey Shore Taught Me About Blogging

I am a firm believer that you can learn something from just about any experience in life if you look hard enough for it. As proof of this concept, I took on the challenge of looking to MTV’s human science experiment known as The Jersey Shore for help with my blog. Now, in the name of full disclosure, I have to admit that I have never actually watched an episode of The Jersey Shore and likely won’t anytime soon. In fact, my brain still hurts from the small amount of research I had to do in order to write this post…are you seeing the sacrifices that I make for you?

Anyway, if you have never watched The Jersey Shore, I probably wouldn’t start now. It’s not necessary viewing in order to gain from todays post. If you do watch it, you might want to stop as soon as you can. Your brain cells will thank you for it later! Either way, this self-absorbed, testosterone fueled cultural phenomenon isn’t going away anytime soon, so let’s at least see if we can benefit from it somehow…

Use the Right Tools
There is a reason that the Jersey Shore does not star Julia Roberts, Tom Hanks, Oprah Winfrey, Angelina Jolie and the Dalai Lama. In order for anything to work right you need the right tools…and I think we can all agree that The Jersey Show is filled with a bunch of tools! With regards to your blog, the tool of choice is WordPress. This is the standard in blogging platforms and is a must have for any blogger. When setting up your blog, go right to  www.wordpress.org in order to download the code  and install it on your domain to get started. Once installed there is a lot you can do with plugins and themes in order to get your blog up and running, SEO friendly and looking great. Here is a list of some WordPress blog posts that can help guide you!

Speak to Your Audience
I’m pretty confident in saying that there will never be a season entitled “The Jersey Shore Teaches Quantum Physics” anytime soon. Even if they were capable of it, their existing audience would lose interest immediately and go away. They would also have a difficult time attracting any new quantum physics junkies out there because they would never see The Jersey Shore as a credible source for their daily dose of Flux Capacitors. Don’t write about what you think your audience might want you to talk about. Figure out what your strength is and stick with it. Write about it. Be the best at it. Commit yourself to it and your audience will find you and put you up on their pedestal.

Be Yourself
The “actors” on The Jersey Shore do not act. You can tell by their lack of Emmy Awards and their assorted sexually transmitted diseases. None of this is an act…this is who they are. Their fans love them for it and their haters hate them for it. Either way, people can’t take their eyes off of them like a bad accident on the highway. They are real and you need to (gulp) respect that to some degree. The second you become fake and stop being your true self is the second you start to lose your audience. It might be easier to try and be something you are not in the name of building an audience but they won’t be with you for long once they find out who you really are…and it will come out eventually! If you are an idiot that pulls his shirt up in public to show off his abs every chance you get, then don’t be afraid to be that idiot with everything you got.

Whether it is bodily fluids or blog posts, share and share often. Be sure to include the necessary plugins on your website so people can easily share your blog on their social media website of choice. Whenever you release a new post, announce it to your audience through your social networks in an interesting way. Don’t just link to it, ask a thought provoking question with a link to your post in order to increase curiosity. Also, make sure your blog is easily accessible by allowing visitors to signup via e-mail or subscribe to your RSS feed so they can receive your posts easily and automatically whenever you release a new one.

Make Sure You Look Good
Get out your hairspray, fake tan, muscle shirts and performance enhancing drugs everybody, we’re going out on the town! Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, especially in this case, but you need to make the effort to look your best. A nicely designed website adds a level of instant credibility. If you are using one of the default WordPress templates or a really bad design, it’s time to change it up before you go public. Put yourself out there with your best foot forward…always!

Anybody Can Be Successful
If Snooki and The Situation can succeed, what’s your excuse? I’m not saying that being a successful blogger is easy, but I am saying that it is possible if you want it bad enough. Are you married to the outcome? Will you keep going without giving up? Are you willing to keep writing even when no one is reading? Are you willing to do whatever it takes?

That’s all I could come up with so far, imagine if I actually watched the show! Can you think of any other blogging tips that The Jersey Shore has taught you? If you have a couple that I might have missed, add them to the comments below!

  • Kevin Sullivan

    Thought this was great. I’ve never watched it either. I thought “Jersey Shore” was Pauly Shore’s mafia cousin. 

  • Kevin Sullivan

    Thought this was great. I’ve never watched it either. I thought “Jersey Shore” was Pauly Shore’s mafia cousin.